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About Our Team...

About Our History:

The Toilet Warehouse began in the Spring on 2019 as a frustration with the status quo on toilet shopping. My mother in law needed a specialty toilet with a specific height and with features that would make her recovery from a major surgery so much better… And because a toilet is something you just don’t go and buy every day… IT NEEDED TO BE THE PERFECT TOILET… for her.

We had this one chance of getting it right.

We drove all over town (and in Washington DC – that is not easy to do!) and could not find something that would be just right... We were like the proverbial Goldilocks looking so hard for the “just right” toilet. But to no avail. So, we headed online and found that toilets are truly the “step-child” of the remodeling industry… Everyone was selling sexy bathtubs, vixen vanities, and sultry sinks – But no one really specialized in just toilets!... AND when you need a top-notch commode; one with specific features - then toilets can graduate pretty quickly to the most important feature in the house!

The idea of a dedicated shopping experience for everything related to nothing but toilets sprung to life… and since then The Toilet Warehouse has evolved into a one-stop shopping experience for everyone who is looking for a premium bathroom fixture or accessory. Headquartered in the stunning mountains of Central Virginia – Charlottesville, VA - we have access to a large variety of quality products from toilet and toilet accessory manufacturers from all over the world and distribute worldwide via FedEx, UPS, and First-Class Priority Mail.

About Our Team:

The Toilet Warehouse team is amazing.

Our people collectively have over 30 years’ experience. And we partner with the absolute best suppliers both in the USA and from around the world to bring you the widest variety of toilets and bathroom accessories - shipped directly to you our customer.

THE BOTTOM LINE:  We may be a newer website – but we know our stuff!... Our goal at The Toilet Warehouse is to continually grow and get better each day. And we are well on the way to becoming the first-in-class, most premium website for new toilets and bathroom accessories online.

About Your Questions:

If you have any question about our products or want to check the availability of an item, please use the Contact Us page to get in touch.