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How to Use a Bidet

How to Use a Bidet Toilet:

For many people their imaginations run wild when they see the bidet toilet next to a proper toilet bowl.  But in many countries people have grown up in neighborhoods where bidet toilets are common in each and every house on the block!

So, to the uninitiated – the question “how to use a bidet?” – is something that you might ask.  The following article cover a few simple aspects of bidet toilets that you may not have thought of.

  1. Step 1 – Don’t Use the Bidet for Relieving Yourself.  Bidet toilets are generally not for using the bathroom.  There are many models of bidets that are designed to go right over your real toilet and operate as a bidet toilet seat.  However, the traditional model is one that is a completely separate unit and sits beside the toilet.  Depending on which type you have – you may or may not relieve bowels and/or bladder in it.

  2. Step 2 – Remove your clothes from the waste down.  The bidet is a watery process that may wet your clothes and leave you with a water stain on them.  To avoid this, simply remove your clothes from the waist down and put them carefully out of the way.

  3. Step 3 – After relieving yourself – NEXT switch over to the bidet toilet.  You may want to straddle the bidet toilet facing the faucet handles.  The reason is that you can control the warmth of the water and the strength of the stream.  Adjust the knobs until you have just the right water pressure and warmth that will feel amazing and relaxing.

  4. Step 4 – Use your favorite soap.  It is okay give the lower area a good and proper scrub with your favorite soap product.  This is one of the major benefits of having a bidet – is that after a particularly messy poo – you can really clean the area in a way simply wiping off with toilet tissue doesn’t accomplish.

  5. Step 5 – Rinse off.  Simply rinse the area and soap off thoroughly when you are satisfied that you’re clean.

  6. Step 6 – Dry off.  You will need something more than toilet tissue to dry off after you are done.  Grab that fluffy towel and dry your bottom and legs off before putting your clothes back on.


Bidets toilets can be useful for many things besides washing your bottom – particularly the models that are separate from the toilet.

You can use them for washing your feet.  Many people find it difficult to wash their feet in the shower.  A bidet can allow people to pull up a teak stool to the bidet and carefully wash their feet and give themselves a proper pedicure.

You can use them for washing genitals after sex.  If you are the type of person who wants to get back into to bed very quickly to cuddle with your husband or wife after sex – then a bidet is a handy way of washing yourself off and then going back to bed for the best part of your marital relations – CUDDLE TIME!

You can use them for a “Sits” Bath.  After women have babies, they are often given a prescription of soaking their bottoms in warm water and potassium salts (popularly called Epsom Salts in the States).  Simply fill up the bowl of the bidet with warm water, add the therapeutic salts, and then sit down on the water to soak your bottom.


The bidet can be a very useful addition to a home.  Generally, they are private pieces of equipment that allow home owners to attend very thoroughly to their hygienic needs.  However, there are places in the world where bidets are shared with strangers. Given the sensitive nature of a bidet toilet – you may want to purchase one solely for your own private purposes.

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