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How to Unclog a Toilet

How to Unclog a Toilet

We all have experienced that dreadful feeling when you flush and instead of disappearing neatly down into the porcelain, it all rises up instead.  And what do you think, “no… no… no…”, and then perhaps, “please don’t overflow and make a mess!”…

Not to worry.  This article covers key tips on ensuring that when this happens, you will be prepared to meet the challenge and rise to the occasion.  Because at The Toilet Warehouse, we understand and appreciate both the small and large challenges of life; particularly as they relate to your toilets!

With a Plunger:

We all have plungers.  Some are kept under the bathroom sink, or in a cabinet handy somewhere.  This is the simplest and most universal way of clearing a clog in the toilet.  The principle here is that – if you cannot flush it down, then suction it out.

A plunger is a mechanical device creates a vacuum that uses air pressure to press down and up on a clog with a fair amount of force until the debris loosens and changes its configuration and then is able to move efficiently down the drain and be disposed of.

Step 1 – Place the plunger over the clog in the toilet.  Seat the plunger well so that the entire circumference of the rubber head makes contact with the circular opening of the toilet drain.

Step 2 – Press up and down on the plunger handle (in a perpendicular fashion) until the clog moves and is cleared from the toilet bowl.  You will most likely hear a suction-draining sound as the clog loosens and the toilet waters clears.

Step 3 – flush the toilet several times to move the clog material efficiently through the house drains and out through the main drain.

That should solve the problem very nicely.  However, there are time when a simple device such as a plunger is just not enough to clear the clog.  Those are those resistant clogs that may need something more to ensure the free flow of water and waste through the plumbing.

With an Auger:

To take it to the next level you may require a plumbing “snake”.  Don’t worry this isn’t a real snake.  But if you are wondering “How to unclog a toilet?”… and you’ve tried the plunger and it failed – then this device takes your clog busting activities to the next level.

Step 1 – Obtain a plumbing auger/snake.  Make sure that the diameter of your snake fits the toilet that you are attempting to unclog.  This is very important.

Step 2 – Insert the coil end of the snake into the toilet drain and push the internal flex rod down through the s-trap structure until it meets with resistance.

Step 3 – Begin rotating the snake handle until the resistance clears.

Step 4 – Retract the internal flex rod until it is in the original position.

Step 5 – Flush the toilet to and watch the toilet waters clear.

Step 6 – Flush the toilet again and several times to move the debris down and out through the main drain.

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